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Our Company

“If all I have is an empty space, and a story to tell, all I need is someone to see me bring that story to life” - Bhavik Parmar, aged 16.

Theatre should be exciting for both those who are creating it, as well as those who are witnessing it. Without a thrill of some sort, a lifelong love of theatre cannot flourish. For some children there is a thrill in having a part to say, a moment to shine and a deserving applause to bow to. For others there is a thrill in having their words, characters and their imagined worlds materialised. For me there is a thrill in allowing children to freely make decisions, explore creative possibilities and passionately sculpt the imagined worlds we create together.

Panorama Drama became a company from the idea that young people are constantly creating stories in their minds, their books, their drawings, their conversations with others and more - but rarely do they get a chance to physically recreate a fragment of their imagination.

As trained professionals from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, we are experienced theatre-makers, storytellers and performers who deliver three strands of work:

  1. Exciting and tailor-made drama themed children's birthday parties for ages 4-9 – Ninety minutes of interactive storytelling, games, shadow-performing and arts and crafts.

  2. Thought-provoking educational workshops with young people in both primary and secondary schools, exploring theatre conventions,  drama skills, devising performance and understanding different forms of theatres.

  3.  Youth Theatre Sessions – Opportunities to participate in drama clubs leading to performances to friends and relatives.

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