​Happy Birthday To You... 

Panorama Drama brings you a party like never before, because none of our parties are ever the same. Our parties are suitable for kids aged 3-9 and bring the highest level of personalisation. You pick a theme and everything we do revolves around it. We use drama and performance techniques to engage with children to build their confidence, creativity and collaboration. So what can we do for you? Well keep scrolling...

  • FREE Personalised printer-friendly Panorama Drama invitations. - Social Media and Emails are the way we send many invites. So first we create an electronic invite for you. It can be sent both online or printed out. We create an invitation that has all the details of your party; we can even place a photo to resemble your theme or your child's photo in the middle!


  • A 90-Minute session full of games and activities - With a range of drama games that children just love to play, your children will be constantly engaged, they will create unforgettable moments of laughter! Again the games relate to your theme, and our drama practitioners deliver games and activities in a way that builds excitement and enthusiasm in a way that makes you wish you had less sugar in your birthday cake!















  • Active and Interactive Storytelling - Within those 90 minutes, we use an activity called whoosh where our entertainers will act our stories, but will use the help of the children to perform those stories.  






















  • Making Playdough! (Can be Optional) -We teach children how to make playdough from household ingredients, they then use this skill to create shapes and objects as part of the stories that we tell! They also get to keep the playdough too! 












  • Shadow performance - Our finale involves our 3m by 2m frame where we give the children an opportunity to perform sections of a story we have written specially for the birthday child with their theme in mind. Not only do they learn how to use their bodies to create shadows but they get to use dialogue as various characters in our story. They do not have to think of something on their own, we can guide them or let their imagination run free. Our parties are not about acting but rather about creating moments of creative expression!
























  • There is still more in store! - Once we finish, we not only sing Happy Birthday to your child but we give them a personalised birthday card that we have made for them, give them a goody bag as a gift and take an instax photo for the family to remember this jourous occasion. More goody bags can be brought for the other children too!

We aim to inspire children to use their imagination. A birthday party is only memorable if memories are made, created, mangled together with brilliant moments. That's what we promise to deliver.

Get in touch, see what we can do for you.

Call Us on: 07454652255    or  Email: info@panoramadrama.co.uk  

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