What will happen at the Skill-Based workshops?

Our workshops begin with a series of warm-up activites, introducing who we are as Panorama Drama and getting used to the space they will be working in. We  jump straight into our structured workshops that explain certain forms of theatre and use activities to allow students to explore these forms of theatre. Throughout the workshop there are moments where discussion take place so students are not only learning from us but are learning from each other. This reflection builds evaluative skills for individuals which they can use for the theory sections of their exams. We constantly refer back and forth from theory and practice and deliver a very practical workshop to show this. 


What Preparation Do I Need To Do For The Panorama Drama Workshop?

Please let other staff members of the school know we are coming and have students ready and aware that the drama workshop is taking place. This allows us to make the most productive use of our 90-minute session for the students.


What will happen at the Fetes and Events?

This depends on the age range of the participants and the duration of the event. We can carry out one workshop during the day or multiple workshops with intervals! PLease get in touch in order for us to provide you with the best workshop for your event!


Where can Panorama Drama deliver workshops for Fetes and Events?

We travel to your venue and we are a  company that caters for your needs. We simply require a venue that has enough space for active, practical games to be played. If it is a sunny day and you have a large space, we can do our workshop outside too. 


How many participants can there be at the workshops?

We lead workshops for up to 35 participants in the school workshops. For Fetes and Events we will require a rough estimate for a quote to be given. 


H​ow safe is a Panorama Drama Party?

Our staff are employed on the basis that they are DBS-checked and suitable to work with children. The staff include a range of experts and trained professionals from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Leicester University and Royal Academy or Dramatic Arts. We have specialised  in various applied theatre work and are familiar with working with children of all ages.



How does Booking work?

Once you are interested in either a party or a workshop, simply drop us an email and we will arrange payment with you. All parties and workshops require a fixed deposit that is to be paid through our secure paypal server. The parties can come with additional options, such as party bags and a photographer. To avoid disappointment we advise hosts to book as soon as you possibly can due to popular demand! 

FAQ: Workshops

What will happen at the children's workshops?

Our workshops begin with a series of warm-up activities, introducing who we are as Panorama Drama and getting them used to the space they will be playing in. Next we play a series of games, all tailored to the theme. After that we come to our exciting, interactive story. Where our experienced applied theatre facilitators will tell a story that involves all the children. Using drama, the children are not simply told a story but are immersed within it. They play characters in the story and with the use of our props and tricks we encourage the use of imagination. Kids enter a make-believe world where they solve something, find something or simply explore a new world. We then engage in various reflective activities such as drawing or writing about what we have experienced or learnt from the story. Then as we bid farewell we have one final chat about what we have all enjoyed during the day. For younger children, we incorporate music and colourful, visual stimuli to keep them engaged and having fun!



What will happen at the Summer School workshops?

Our Summer School workshops are very similiar to our children's workshops. The summer school workshops however can be broken down and do not have to be 60 minute sessions they can be altered and tailored for your summer school schemes. For younger children we also have painting activities and playdough making acitivities!

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